You are Daisy — spunky, ambitious, and totally fed up with your town's local cult and their "deity": a giant sunflower. Under the gaze of your powerful father, a gang of anarchists send you on a secret mission with an unspeakable objective... to exterminate the Godflower.

Made in 10 days for GBJAM 10.


Cancel/Speed textXB
MoveArrow keys/WASDD-pad
Save/Load menuEnter/ShiftStart/Select


Art + programming: wombok (@wombokgames)

Writing + music + logo: jermythemystic (@jermythemystic)


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I loved this game! It's a true skill to be able to do an entertaining game with such limits (GameBoy ones). Great game!


thanks so much!! :D


The art style drew me to this title at first, and i have to agree, it's so cute and conveys everything really well

I really loved the dialogue and writing! Totally fell in love with the Weeds gang!

Neat puzzles and quests, really enjoyed playing this game on my GBC!

thank you so much for playing!!! and omg you played it on GBC?! That's so cool, I'm glad it worked haha XD Your gameboy looks so cute and aesthetic!


Thank you for the excellent game!

Great writing, loved the characters. Dialogues made me chuckle more than a few times, this game has an excellent sense of humor. My favorite part was when I talked to the high priest and the character lines did not match the dialog options. Nice way to convey Daysy's numbness in the face of her father's authority. 

The game overall gave me nice and cozy feelings, like reading an old favorite fairytale from your childhood. Nice work! 


aww thank you for playing, it really means a lot!! That's also one of my favourite parts, glad you discovered it haha :D


this was so lovely!! ;-;
the writing was so charming (i loved all the dialogue quips and jokes), the art style was really pretty and the end screen warmed my heart :] thank you for making this!


omg minkonn!!?! XD
thank you so much for playing and for writing such a kind comment, you are too nice!! TT
really really appreciate it!!

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The writing here is really great, pff. I love how playful it all is... AND THE GAME LOOKS FUN AS WELL. JUST. A FUN GAME ALL AROUND!! And it even comes with a little bit of commentary on organized religions and/or cults and parental expectations and conflicts.... WHAT'S NOT TO LOVE...... I hope Daisy gets to achieve her ultimate dream........!!!

Thank you for making this game!!!


Thank you for playing and for saying such kind words! so glad you enjoyed it!!


I liked the game so i decided to make an ¿Review? Well. Lets start

Story: 8/10

Very good story, i really liked it and the little funny turn in the end about why the character did funny, it is not a ten because most of the character gives a lot of talk. And that is not bad. But, some things felt like just text to fullfil the 3 option chat. The chat could expand the meaning of the Godflower but most of was about reinforcement of the first chat. Adding more detail in this kind of story in another chat option is not optimal. Id prefered talking about other things related with the character and godflower. It happens with some characters but not with all. And the chatting is too long. Something it feels like so much nosense text. Beside of this. The story and the character are well created. And are interesting. The jokes are funny. Maybe it seems like i hate how they are bc of my critic but no, i love it and that only thing was the little issue that dont make them absolutely perfect

Graphics: 10/10

Absolutely a good use of the limitations of gameboy studio. Perfect use of the color pallete, and the art just fit in the kind of game/story. The way you use more one color in some places than in others. I dont know if you wanted but you made the background feed the narrative.

Duration: 9/10

Maybe it seemed bc of my comentary about the chatting that, it was too long. But i feel that it can be a little longer if the chatting were better. A deeper chatting would add some minutes to the gameplay, but it would be a richer experience. I felt that i was loosing gametime on the nosense chatting.

Flow: 9/10

The game is well scripted. You realize easy what you have to do in a simple sight. Hiding the "quest sheet" in a chat with the leader. Was perfect so the experience is not override by a menu. And if you dont realize what's next. With just a chat you got a hint. And the way it forces you to do it in order is really smart. But, maybe the "godplant is ok" after a snail ate half its stem... Maybe it can be changed by a "oh, the sunflower was eaten, i will research about snails" so he dont leave the place, but it reacts to what happened. You can use a trigger with an if statement to, if the pant was poisoned and eaten. When you enter the lab the scientific runs away. But that is not the reason of the 9. It was. Again. The long chatting.

Final words: PLAY IT funny. It worths. A lot. A funny story about the problems of being the daughter of a priest. 


Thank you so much for such a detailed review!! Lots of great feedback we can hopefully apply to our next game :)


Waiting for the next <3


Very cute and funny game, I loved the ending. I liked how you made the place feel like a town. Good job.

omg thank you for playing!! btw I really enjoyed Brightwood Village and that's what led me to check out GB Studio :) so I really appreciate your kind words!


nice game! very funny story!

thank you!! :D


Included Children Of The Flower @ 17:55

Thanks, Snail Enjoyer


oh wow thank you for playing!! Really appreciate it :)


i love the artstyle that went into this!


thank you so much!!


LET DAISY BE A MIME!!!!!!! This was so good, so silly and wholesome!!! Well done!!

yay glad you liked it!! :)






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It's interesting though, right now I'm on a team working on a retro indie game about plant people with a main character named Daisy. We've even got a dandelion called Dandie. But other than that, it's completely different.

hahaha thank you for playing!! 

oh wow what are the odds :0 they are great names though :D


the comedy is so good


thanks!! I'm so glad the humour translated :)